More on Korea’s Kimchi Shortage; Latin Food is All the Rage


The U.S.’s findings about the dangers of BPA have so far been inconclusive. But in Canada, it’s official: Bisphenol A is toxic.

Kimchi has become so expensive in Korea that some restaurants in Seoul no longer offer it free as a banchan before the meal.
[NY Times]

According to Men’s Health, the Cheesecake Factory’s Bistro Shrimp Pasta is the worst food in America, with 2,727 calories and 78 grams of saturated fat.

Latin food is all the rage these days, with more restaurants embracing Latin American influences on their menus.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

A profile of Mars Bar notes that in a gentrified East Village, the pee-stained bar “carries the ‘dive bar’ torch simply by refusing to die.”
[Wall Street Journal]


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