Morning Links: Last Night’s Gubernatorial Debate Crazy as Expected, With Moments of Clarity…And Other News


• New York’s gubernatorial debate at Hofstra last night, featuring Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino in its cast of seven unlikely characters, including former madam Kristin Davis and Rent is Too Damn High candidate Jimmy McMillan (who professed — we think — openness to gay marriage with the amazing, if ludicrous, statement: “If you want to marry a shoe, I’ll marry you”) was, as the Times puts it, rather a farce. Except rent really is too damn high.

For his part, Paladino was fairly tame, even downplaying his famous “anger,” though he did walk off the state in search of the restroom in the middle of closing statements. But, hey, at least the “show” was entertaining. The one thing our motley crew of candidates had in common? A healthy distrust of the MTA. [NYT]

• Steven Hayes, the man convicted in the horrible home invasion/murder/rape of a Connecticut woman and her two daughters (including setting the house on fire and ultimately burning them to death), is being described as “likable,” “fragile,” “gentle,” and “funny” in an attempt to save him from the death penalty. [NYP]

• Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendent who used the emergency evac slide to get away from his job and customers, is expected to plead guilty today to a felony count. It’s also expected that he’ll agree to counseling in order to have the charge dismissed. Our heroes, how they fall. [NBC NY]

• Goldman Sachs tops expectations with $1.74 billion in earnings in the third quarter. Our anti-heroes, how they don’t fall. [NPR]

• The cat-in-the-wheelie-bin lady in the UK escaped with a £250 fine after the judge declared her public vilification punishment enough. Seriously, that woman is never going to look at a cat the wrong way again. [Telegraph]

• You can now take photos and videos of federal buildings, like courthouses, per a legal settlement in New York. [NYT]

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