New Life for My Producing Dreams


As you know, my fantasy of being a middle-range producer hit a tiny snag when the show I’m co-producing — Perfect Harmony — was literally locked out of the theater, 45 Bleecker, last week.

The place was on lockdown because of a fiery dispute between the landlord and the guy renting it, who apparently owes almost enough money to finance Spider-Man.

Who knew? He seemed so nice!

Well, the place was reopened for a few minutes — long enough for my show to get its shit out of there and move elsewhere, something Colin Quinn already did by transferring his ass to Broadway in the wake of being owed truckloads of cash.

Perfect Harmony is heading uptown, too — it just snagged the Acorn Theater up on Theater Row.

Opening night is October 27.

I’ll get the tux out of mothballs again.

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