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NYU: Irritating the Neighbors Since at Least 1914 | Village Voice


NYU: Irritating the Neighbors Since at Least 1914


Props to EV Grieve for finding this charming piece of historical memorabilia that seems to prove — as if we needed evidence — that college students have pretty much forever been annoying to tired adult people who’ve only gotten more tired spending their days in offices and/or dealing with children/”doing adult things” and therefore must whiningly speak of a need for sleep instead of singing and dancing the tango into the wee hours — or doing Jell-O shots and puking on street corners.

Fine, we’re a little bit jealous. But that doesn’t make it any less annoying. As such, objections such as this one, from 1914. Really.

Well, if there is one truth in life, it’s that the olds will always be annoyed by the rollicking youngs, and that the youngs will always yawn and make faces behind the backs of the stodgy olds. And then just party some more.

Anyway, fun fact: NYU largely relocated to the Bronx 1894, only to be brought back downtown for financial reasons in the ’70s. Imagine how different life in the Village might be had things gone otherwise.

Also noted: “porch repose” has fallen out of use. We must bring it back.

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