Presenting the Single Greatest Magazine Quote of 2010, Starring a Dentist, a Chipped Tooth, and an Explosive Bowl of Dicks


Jackass 3-D grossed more money at the box office this weekend than the three films below it combined. The dangers of making such a monumental, adventurous piece of cinema?

The end of the film is apparently a grand finale shot by Being John Malkovich auteur Spike Jonze — a longtime friend to the Jackass crew — of things exploding in Johnny Knoxville and Co.’s faces. Open scene on Knoxville’s VICE Magazine interview from this month’s comedy issue. Emphasis mine:

Knoxville: [Spike Jonze] had an air cannon filled with dildos about five feet from my head to the left of me. He turned it up so high that, and I didn’t know this until a week later, it knocked one of my top teeth out.

VICE: I was going to say, you could chip a tooth on one of those things.

Knoxville: I had to go to the dentist and tell them, you know, “What happened to you, sir?” “Well, a bowl of dicks blew up in my face.”

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