SoHo’s MercBar on Hunt for Dog Painting Thief


As robberies (pranks?) go, this one catches our attention, because we have to somehow admire the guile of the bar-room Thomas Crown who managed to get away with a substantial-sized painting of a dog from MercBar this weekend. It’s 10:00: Do you know where your dog paintings are?

John McDonald, the owner of the restaurant, is quite upset, not least because the painting is one of three doggie pics that have been part of the bar’s landscape since it opened 17 years ago. He, too, is amazed at the fact that someone got away with it, and writes, “Don’t ask me how someone managed to sneak out of the bar with it but they did and now there are only two. It’s not a valuable piece of art but it’s a piece of bar history so I want it back,” reports Eater.

You hear that: It’s not even valuable! Unless you give it back. McDonald is offering $1,000 for its return.

If you took it, please, get in touch. We are dying to know how. Confidentiality assured!

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