Soon We Will All Live on the Internet


According to a recent report from the International Telecommunications Union, which clearly has its modem full, the number of people who’ve found out about the World Wide Web will exceed 2 freakin’ billion by the end of this year — “an increase of 600 million in just the past year and double the number of only five years ago.”

That’s one-third of the world’s population, per UN stats; by contrast, New York City has a mere 8 million folks, most of we presume have been on the Internet for some time now. (Hi guys!)

More than two-thirds of these new users are from developing countries; it’s expected that “71% of people in western countries will be online by the end of 2010, compared to just 21% in developing countries.” Also, “more than 90% of the world’s population has access to a mobile network.”

Other interesting stats:
*People in the Phillippines and the U.S. sent 35% of all texts, combined.
*Europe slightly outdoes the Americas in terms of people online. Africa has the lowest number of Internet-connected users.
*Estonia, Finland, and Spain have declared access to the Internet “a legal right for citizens.”
*China is the largest Internet market in the world, with more than 420 million users.

But what does this mean for you? Wayyyy more possibilities on! Also, maybe it’s time to switch over from that dial-up? Beyond that, the subset of person known as the “computer geek” will soon no longer exist except in nostalgic reference and perhaps small sections of Sub-Saharan Africa. Which makes it an of-the-moment Halloween costume. Go to.

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