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Today in Epic Cuteness: Tiny Kitten Adopted by Maternally Inclined Dog (Video)


If this doesn’t warm your heart to its very cockles you have no soul. An Atlanta dog named Ellie (who has never had its own puppies) has “adopted” a tiny kitten found abandoned outside the family’s home last week. According to one of Ellie’s owners, Camille Heschmeyer, “She wouldn’t leave this kitten’s side. It’s gotten a little better, where she’ll come out to eat and drink and go to the bathroom… that’s about it.”

“Oh, yeah…The kitten is starting to walk. And if she gets away from her, she either drags her back by her tail or she’ll pick her up and place her again…she’ll carry her up and down the stairs. When she wants to go somewhere, she usually brings the cat with her.”

Oh, God, the cuteness.

Ellie is keeping her kitten, which the Heschmeyers have named Angela.

[via NewsNet5]

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