Animal “Butcher” Terrorizes Prospect Park


The Brooklyn Paper reports that Windsor Terrace residents have been turning up sacks of slaughtered animal parts in Prospect Park, supposedly the work of a “demented animal killer” who’s been at-large for months. Yikes.

Windsor Terrace resident Alex Gurevich found the grisly sight on Sunday, when he came upon “two sacks of detritus — one filled with guts, the other containing a gutted and decapitated deer or perhaps goat” near the edge of the park on Parkside Avenue and Parade Place.

Since March, the paper says, park residents have stumbled across more gruesome scene, including blood-covered rocks, chicken heads, animal guts, a dead dog, and a dead raccoon.

So, what do we think, people? New hipster pastimes? Psychos in our midst? Some sort of mysterious religious ceremony conducted by moonlight? Or have the raccoon-haters gone vigilante?

Prospect Park press director Eugene Patron told Runnin’ Scared that park officials are “trying to find out more,” and that the case is “likely something the 70th precinct will be tackling.”

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