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Recently, a young woman was in Magic Jewelry, a tiny Chinatown shop stocked with myriad healing crystals and lucky gems, to have a photo taken of her aura. For the uninitiated, an aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body, and its color can point to troubles with overall mental and emotional health. Placing her hands on two metal plates, the woman sat still while her aura was “magically” sent through the plates into a Polaroid camera. Complimentary tea was served while she waited for the image to develop. After several minutes, the most gorgeous rainbow of colors spread across the picture, and the aura expert explained what each color meant. For instance, green going up the right side of the photo represented future luck with money, while a streak of red near the top indicated she was deeply in love and very focused on her relationship—indeed, this woman was about to get married. She was recommended a few crystals to improve her energy and was told to come back in 30 days for a new reading. Another woman, sitting in a throne-like chair in the corner, with her hand on a large crystal ball—apparently in the middle of some kind of spiritual healing—said that she had a collection of more than 20 aura photos. “You should try it again,” she said, with a beatific smile on her face. “You’ll be amazed how much your aura can change.”

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