Best Bowling Alley as a Nightclub


Bowlmor and Chelsea Piers Bowl are still shiny and fun, and Leisure Time at the Port Authority is still there, but these alleys pale next to the sprawling Lucky Strike Lanes, where the glitz is persuasive enough to convince you that bowling is as cutting-edge as Lady Gaga’s new snood. The lanes twinkle, the pins sparkle, and the balls shine, so even the act of throwing gutter balls seems like a dazzling occasion, ready for YouTube and slideshows. Add some trippy, celebrity-obsessed art, a high-tech scoring system, and a sensible menu, and the experience is so splashy you might even tell your co-workers you went. Meanwhile, Bowlmor is even opening a Times Square branch as well. Talk about balls. It all points to the resurgence of old-time leisure activities, gussied up to seem new and less clunkily embarrassing. You no longer have to be humiliated to ask your friends if they want to go bowling—and why should you? It’s as valid a time-waster as hanging at the local beer hall or staying home to crimp your hair and watch reruns. Lucky Strike Lanes even has some pool tables if you want to branch out to other uncool games. But let’s keep miniature golf in retirement communities, OK?

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