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Best Lawyer to Call When the D.A. Indicts You


Felonious activity is always New York’s steadiest growth industry, which is why so many great criminal defense attorneys are found here. What makes Murray Richman a standout against so much worthy competition is his ability to not only get you off the hook, but keep you in stitches at the same time. “Don’t Worry Murray” started out 40-plus years ago in the back room of a travel agency in the South Bronx. His satisfied clients range from rap stars like Jay-Z to the upper echelon of the Genovese and Lucchese crime families, along with most of the Bronx’s political miscreants. “I’ll be brief,” the five-foot-six lawyer likes to tell juries. “I’m already short.” Murder cases are simpler, he says, “because there is one less witness.” He once won an acquittal, as he told filmmaker Errol Morris in a gem of a nine-minute video portrait, by convincing the jury that the victim of a fatal seven stabs in the back had kept “backing into my client’s knife.” No wonder the number for his law office, which includes his equally talented daughter, Stacey Richman, is found scrawled next to pay phones in jails throughout the metro area.

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