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Facebook, no offense, we love you very much—you’ve done wonders for our social lives—but you’re killing us! We’re forgetting what it’s like to talk face-to-face to someone new. It’s so refreshing and exciting to get out of the online comfort zone when we go to WORD bookstore, where there’s a nifty meet-up board on which people post slips of paper noting their favorite authors and books in the hopes of meeting someone with similar interests. WORD also has literary mixers, and their, um, Facebook page contains testaments to their utility: “I went to WORD’s mixer expecting to find a bar full half full of females and half empty, but the place was packed with interesting females and males alike. My friend exchanged numbers with three or four guys that night, and I with one, a boy who turned into a fun month-long fling, exactly what I wanted at the time. There was another guy I met that night, who I later kept running into in my neighborhood. Happy ending: we fell in love.”


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