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Best Place to Shop Drunk


It’s a Friday night after a hard week of work and you feel you deserve a drinkand some new clothes. The folks behind The Dressing Room seem to understand the working girl’s needs perfectly. They’ve created a bar and boutique that offers tasty cocktails you can sip (try the pomegranate martini, $10), while browsing two levels of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Founded by East Village stylist and designer Nikki Fontanella and co-owned by Alexandra Adame and Paul Frazier, the shop is primarily a showcase for emerging indie designers. Order up a “Waiting Boyfriend” (a Miller High Life and a shot of whiskey, $5) and start your hunt on the ground floor, which features up-and-coming designers such as pH by Phillia, Sandra Baquero, and Paperdolls, and accessories by Anomaly, Samantha Sleeper, and Lisa Medoff, among others; prices range from $35 for a stylish T-shirt to $500 for a custom-made cocktail dress. Downstairs is the vintage section, where you’ll find great bargains for under $20 (on a recent trip, we spotted an adorable striped Jean Paul Gaultier shrug for just $12). You can also bring in your own secondhand pieces to sell or trade. Stay as late as 2 a.m. from Thursday to Saturdaywe’re sure that waiting boyfriend won’t mind much.

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