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Do you believe that “if you wish it, it will happen”? Hey, good thoughts never hurt anyone. But for practical help in getting that one thing you want, Justo Botanica in Spanish Harlem is a huge help. With all the religious imagery around, it can be somewhat harrowing just stepping into the boutique. Call it voodoo or santeria, but Justo Botanica is filled with cures for all sorts of ailments (or heartaches). We’re talking about a wide range here, from books like How to Use the Ouija Board, to candles, crucifixes, and skulls, to oils that say “Make Him Love You.” The hard part may be deciding exactly what you want to accomplish. You need love? You need to lose weight? Want to ward off evil spirits? Perhaps cleansing yourself with a Saint Jude soap or lighting a candle with a blend of the Happiness and Love oils might do the trick. But just remember: Be careful what you wish for, because you’re definitely going to get it.

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