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Best Striptease Lesson


We’re so tired of the girlie stripper classes found at local gyms. Take Crunch, for instance: “Show some skin . . . and don’t forget to bring a pair of your sexiest heels!” to its “Pole Dancing” class. Strip Bar is touted as “the happy hour of sexy, hot cardio.” Seriously, aerobics disguised as fake sexy dancing? Real stripping shouldn’t get your heart rate up, but your partner’s. Well-seasoned stripper Bianca, at Penthouse Executive Club, will tell you that—and much, much more—in a group lesson, which goes for only $25 per person when you bring a party of six women. Bianca’s wisdom abounds, beginning with “opening remarks,” a talk that introduces future strippers to her “psychological” philosophy about striptease—the “Power of the Pussy. P.O.P.” P.O.P. is the benchmark for Bianca’s step-by-step instruction—the idea that a woman rules with her body, whether she went to the gym this week or not. P.O.P.’s power gets even the most demure to shed their undies and lap-dance their friends in the plush confines of one of Penthouse’s private rooms. Yes, you can still bring your sexiest heels. You’ll be taking them off anyway.

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