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Our friend was nearly in tears. Her beloved Marc Jacobs shirt, which she’d worn to death for five years, had messily ripped three inches in the shoulder. She took it to Nelson Tailor Shop, hoping that it could somehow be patched up. The very next day, she was able to pick it up and was astonished to find that her shirt looked as good as new. Not just great for the quick fix—like hemming those skinny jeans or replacing busted zippers—this beloved Lower East Side shop can be trusted to do a wonderful job on difficult alterations of precious pieces, from formal gowns to business suits. Recently, we took our long winter coat in for a new lining and new pockets, and, for $90, it came back with a thicker, warmer lining sure to keep it alive for many more years. And, in our current economy, fixing clothes, instead of throwing them away, is what it’s all about.

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