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Those who say Staten Island is too much like the rest of America to be part of New York have some ammunition for their argument hidden in the city’s sole trailer park. The Goethals Community—technically a “manufactured-housing community”—contains 128 single-wides. It’s located so close to the exit road to Jersey that, as the Times puts it, the “hum of traffic from the on ramp to the Goethals Bridge competes with the hum of mosquitoes from the marsh next door.” At $500 a month for land rental, it may be the best rate in the city for a place to park something you can live in (except maybe for a houseboat slip on the Hudson). These mobile homes—about the same length as a subway car and twice as wide—are about $85K at the top of the line, making the Goethals Community about the cheapest path to home ownership in the city (lawn gnomes are not included).

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