Black Prairie


With a sly take on the traditional “Red Rocking Chair” leading the way–it gleams through shadow dust to evoke Mojave 3–Black Prairie has found a bluegrass inroad from three of the members’ day jobs in Portland-area vest enthusiasts the Decemberists. Though the vocals of Annalisa Tornfelt haunt on “Chair,” and a track such as “Crooked Little Heart” would fit on an Eleni Mandell record, it’s the instrumentals on Feast of the Hunters’ Moon that really put the sweet butter on Black Prairie’s hunk of bread. Full of folk craft, bluegrass inflection, and an armful of charming parlor instruments (accordion, meet the dobro), the album tweaks the fibers of history as it nudges indie’s recent acoustic tendencies toward true folk conservatism. With Sarah Jarosz.

Fri., Oct. 29, 7:30 p.m., 2010