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Bravest Nightlife Photographers


Layers of metaphorical armor are required before you enter the aggressively zany world of nightlife, especially if you’re there to document the comings and goings of the fast and the furious. When throngs of panting drag queens and club kids in headdresses and war paint start running into your lens for approval, things can get a little life-threatening. But Jeff Eason, Gerry Visco, and Andrew Werner are fearless as they aim their cameras (yes, they have actual cameras) at the gussied-up fantasy figures who populate clubs and bars of the moment. Eason (a/k/a Wilsonmodels) shoots for Next magazine, and Visco and Werner’s work shows up on their own sites and in various publications. But they’re united in spirit, in that they all lend validation to their subjects while maintaining a refreshing reserve that’s rare after midnight. Their aim is true.,,

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