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Conan O’Brien Is Big Blimpin’ Over New York City | Village Voice


Conan O’Brien Is Big Blimpin’ Over New York City


The orange wonder known as the Conan blimp has been flying over New York lately, and New Yorkers, being observant sorts, have taken notice. The blimp, which advertises Conan’s new show on TBS — starting November 8 — will be blimping out over New York until the 31st.

As part of a multifaceted campaign, Conan has also been keeping Team Coco informed and united via his massive (1.74 million strong) Twitter account and frequent uploads to YouTube. Starting today at 1 p.m., he’s broadcasting live footage to his YouTube channel from Conan HQ for 24 hours.

Last night the blimp flew over the Yankees game and Martha Stewart tweeted about it!

Blimps: They’re one of those old-fashioned things that can still manage to get people’s attention, maybe because they are old-fashioned (like a carousel or an old-time soda shop). And as long as they’re not blowing up, they’re pretty safe. So, here’s to blimps and Conan!

[via ANIMAL]

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