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Crazy Person (and/or Budding Novelist) Rushes Field During Yankee Game to Win Love of Cameron Diaz | Village Voice


Crazy Person (and/or Budding Novelist) Rushes Field During Yankee Game to Win Love of Cameron Diaz


Today in signs you might be crazy: You run out onto the field at Yankee Stadium during the Yankees/Rangers ACLS game to confront A-Rod because you have a thing for Cameron Diaz. You carry five pictures with you: One has A-Rod with an X-ed out face and a gun pointed at his head; another, of Diaz, says “We will be together soon.”

The other three are of Osama bin Laden, inscribed with “I will serve you,” and…this is where things get really nuts…Whitney Houston (“Whitney bin Laden”) and Bobby Brown (“You need to be terminated.”).

Also, somewhere in the past you’ve legally changed your name from the fairly average Joe Rogan to “Grim LeRogue,” which, by all accounts, is an awesome name until you start pulling out the presumed death threats.

Anyway, this actually happened. There’s video, even, of LeRogue being “contained” by the cops.

LeRogue, 33, has been charged with assault and interfering with a sporting event and been taken into psychiatric evaluation, where he currently remains. But there’s a twist in the story — his mom says he just finished a 700-page novel, as the Post reports,

“about a ninja or something” that he’s self-publishing next month. And “He told police he wanted publicity” for his tome.

Given the publishing world in this day and age, maybe LeRogue isn’t crazy at all. (Still: Whitney and Osama? That’s…weird.) Also, he lists his current employer as God, and his occupation as prophet; “future bestselling celebrity author and menace to evil” on his Facebook page. Then again, he also has 105 friends! His last status update, from Sunday, the day before he rushed the field: “Your future looks better than ya past if you present with the man..”


[via NYP]

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