Facebook Will No Longer Torture You Ruthlessly With Painful Memories of Your Ex


Look, Facebook doesn’t hate you and want you to suffer after all! After introducing new “Unread Messages” and “Photo Memories” boxes that pop up to disturb you with images of whomever you might have interacted with (a/k/a dated) at a point in the far-off past when your judgment was nothing like it is today, they’ve taken pity on those of us who make and break “friends” easily and have decided to stop showing us pictures of our exes. Cause that’s kinda insensitive, you know.

Or, in the parlance of “Inside Facebook”:

The algorithm that determines whose photos are shown in Photo Memories relied on which friends you frequently interact with on Facebook. Users typically interact heavily with their boyfriends and girlfriends, leading the feature to disproportionately show them. After users had severed their relationship, both in real life and on Facebook, Photo Memories would still show users their former significant others, making it difficult for people to get over them.

So, now that won’t be the case, although you’ll get a million Facebook comments when you announce that you are suddenly single. Hence, do as we do: Stick with “It’s complicated.” It always is. Or say nothing at all.

Note, also, that if you’ve broken up with, say, Francois the exterminator (not his real name) but declined to defriend him out of respect for his really great pecs and/or the fact that you may need to employ him someday, he may still appear on your page now and again. Gird your loins.

Finally, you are free to torture yourself with painful memories of your ex as much as you like. It’s called Facebook stalking, and it’s only psycho completely natural.

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