Former Jet Blue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Will Always Be News


Steven Slater, the renegade airline steward who shot to cult stardom when he walked off the job by sliding out of a plane’s inflatable emergency slide and onto the tarmac at JFK with two beers in-hand, can’t catch a break. While he was in court yesterday, copping a plea that would allow him to skip jail time in exchange for substance abuse and psych treatment (and a $10,000 fine to his former employer), his partner’s brother burglarized their home.

According to the Daily News, Ken Rochelle broke into his brother’s and Slater’s Rockaway Beach apartment yesterday afternoon and stole a laptop, printer, and microwave that he later fenced for drugs.

Queens DA Richard Brown called Rochelle’s actions “brazen” and a “crime of opportunity.” He is charged with second-degree burglary and is expected to be arraigned in Queens Supreme Court today.

Well, at least Slater will always have that photo of himself with Barry Manilow.

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