Garlic Bread and Pickles ‘It’ Foods of the Moment; Campbell’s Soups in Canada Tied to Terrorism


A new study suggests that paying for groceries with cash incites people to buy healthier foods. Because paying with cash is more “painful.”

The European Commission has opted to ban food derived from cloned animals, but not their offspring, because they are so difficult to trace.

The pickle is the latest “it” food, apparently, most recently celebrated at New York’s 10th annual Pickle Day festival at the NY Food Museum.
[Wall Street Journal]

But wait. Garlic bread is also a newly trendy food, having made a comeback in new restaurants like Ça Va and Lavo.
[Wall Street Journal]

There are already 285 school gardens in New York, not counting Edible Schoolyard, a new garden that has state-of-the-art greenhouses, professional staff, and big plans.
[City Room/NY Times]

Campbell’s new halal soup line in Canada has angered Pamela Geller (“Ground Zero mosque” lady) because she says the products are certified by a group tied to terrorism.
[Washington Post]

A Florida produce company has bred a new kind of celery that is red but tastes and crunches just like the regular green kind.
[Yahoo! News]



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