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Is it such a bad world? Well, dudes, yes. But Guster can’t really be faulted for encouraging everyone to eat a treat, pet a puppy, or frolic in a field, the better to counter the slurry of earthly troubles that we can’t shake. The pop landscape of Easy Wonderful, their latest, is festooned with more hallelujahs, shooting stars, and pop hosannahs of the jangling format they’ve perfected over 15 years and, in personal stories that hum with universal truths, they offer at least one antidote to bad attitudes. In the ruminative feel of some of the material–“Stay With Me Jesus” (He might not), “Lost At Sea” (we’re all islands), and that “Bad Bad World”–Guster acknowledges through crafty songwriting that getting happy isn’t always easy, even if their melodies make it sound like it is.

Fri., Oct. 29, 8 p.m., 2010


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