Morning Links: Clarence Thomas’ Wife Requests Decades-Old Apology; Paydays Better in Manhattan; the Great Pumpkin Is Here


• Virginia Thomas, Clarence’s wife, left a voicemail asking for an apology from Anita Hill after nearly 20 years. Hill had testified at Thomas’ 1991 Senate confirmation hearing that “he made repeated crude sexual comments” when he was her boss. Flash forward to 2010, when she (still) has no intention of apologizing. [ABC]

• Barack Obama will hit the Daily Show next week, on Wednesday, October 27, to be exact. This will be his first time on the show as president. [CBS]

• Britain has unveiled major public spending cuts to help free the country from “crushing debt from the global financial crisis.” [NYT]

• Paydays in Manhattan are getting better: Average weekly wages rose almost 12 percent in the first quarter of 2010. In fact, the average weekly wage is a somewhat shocking $2,404, “the highest wage in any large county in the country.” How do you measure up? [Crain’s]

• Starbucks has launched its own digital network, which will pop up if you use Wi-Fi at any of their 6,800-plus U.S. company-operated stores. [CNN]

• Anna Chapman of “sexy spy” fame now has a poker iPhone app. [NYP]

• The greatest pumpkin ever is now in New York city. All 1,810 pounds of it. You can see it at the New York Botanical Garden starting Friday. [NYT]

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