Ever wish your standard Halloween haunted hayride-minus-the-hay would step up the production value a bit from the unenthused teenage kid in a party-store mask with questionable acting credentials? Or, when you go to the theater, that bloody, knife-wielding maniacs would threaten your life more often? Maybe you just thought Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted was the most terrifying thing you’d ever seen. Either way, Nightmare: Superstitions, this year’s installment of the annual attraction created by performance artist Tim Haskell, is probably for you. Proclaiming itself “New York’s most horrifying haunted house,” the walk-through aims to feel more like a big-budget movie than a theme-park ride with all its originally designed sets and special effects. The asylum scenario promises a demented good time, melding the theatrical and interactive in order to prompt a little mass hysteria and a lot of gore. Oh, and ladies, leave the high heels behind, because you will have to run.

Sept. 24-Nov. 6, 2010

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