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Thumb wrestling is one of those sports that we didn’t even know was a sport. But not only are there worldwide competitions, there are also some rather impressive supporters (Norman Mailer—yeah, that Norman Mailer—was one) and even a controversy over who invented it. (Humorist Paul Davidson claims his grandfather Bernard Davidson organized the first thumb war in the 1940s while award-winning copywriter Julian Koenig says he invented thumb wrestling when he was a boy in 1936.) Thumb wrestling has inspired independent films through the Thumb Wrestling Federation, a series of comedy live-action videos complete with TWF characters (Danny Kaboom and Dwayne Bramage), and even a boxing ring and costumes, which are available online. Tonight, at the U.S. Thumb Wrestling Championship Extravaganza, presented by Fluff’s Events and DIY Dumbo, you can attend as a spectator or participant. Prizes will be awarded in categories including “best-dressed thumbs” and “best entrance.”

Thu., Oct. 28, 8 p.m., 2010

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