Sam Sifton Previews Eataly; Ryan Sutton Slams Del Posto


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema, Sarah DiGregorio, and Rebecca Marx reveal their top picks for eats and treats in the city. Elsewhere …

Sam Sifton offers an early look at Eataly: “It’s groceries. To be fair, though: those groceries are pretty good. … Il Pesce is worth visiting. … There is a pasta area … in which silken, expertly prepared [Mario] Batali-style pastas are served, as well as Neapolitan pies [that] are not yet worth the time spent. … Manzo is a feng shui nightmare. You might go once.”
[NY Times]

Jay Cheshes also gives a rundown of what to eat at Eataly: “While you’ll pay for the privilege of the white-tablecloth setting [at Manzo], the high-caliber carnivore cooking is worth every penny. … The real standouts at chef Dave Pasternack’s seafood restaurant Il Pesce are the ever-changing blackboard specials. … [F]ood [at La Pizza and La Pasta] isn’t always worth the hour-long waits.”

Steve Cuozzo is so no fan of Hurricane Club, with its weak cocktails and Vegas-style atmosphere. Witness the headline: “Hurricane blows.”
[NY Post]

Ryan Sutton slams Del Posto, just weeks after a four-star Times review: “[R]arely have my dining companions and I looked at each other so often in awkward silence and wondered, ‘Haven’t we had a better, cheaper version of this elsewhere?'”

Gael Greene likes Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and Bill’s Bar & Burger at Rockefeller Center: “[S]kinny classic with American cheese on its soft sesame-studded bun is not bad at all.”
[Insatiable Critic]


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