SATC for Tom Colicchio Fans in BearCity


Following up his 1996 filmmaking debut Raising Heroes—billed as the first gay action film—Douglas Langway transplants the Sex and the City formula of Manhattan besties bawdily bantering about their love lives to the predilection-cum-subculture of big-bellied, hairy homos. In this carefree rom-com fantasy, nearly every character is a horny part of the bear scene, speaks in queeny snark, and throws around corny nicknames (“husbear,” “Shia LeCub”). Shy twink Tyler (Joe Conti) is a struggling actor and quasi-closet-case—that is, he’s hesitant to tell his Chelsea-boy brethren that he secretly visits daddy porn sites as “boy4fur21”—who stumbles into a tight-knit circle of those who would appreciate “a mouthful of John Goodman.” Passion slowly builds between Tyler and salt-and-pepper stud Roger (Gerald McCulloch), but the only fascinating subplot (a tubby mamma-bear’s skinny lover can’t handle that he wants lap-band surgery) eventually buckles under the weight of affable but unfunny camp. Only an old pro like John Waters could pull off an awkward bathtub threesome that ends in a golden shower and a head injury.