Suck This Down: Colorado Company Offers Marijuana-Laced Sodas


A psychedelic rainbow of ways to get high.

We recently reported that holders of medical marijuana permits in California were not confined to consuming their medicine as buds, hashish, or brownies, but could legally acquire the drug in the form of freshly baked raspberry crisps and lollipops, and we offered a picture of a THC sucker brought back to NYC by a visitor to the Golden State.

Now, reveals that a Colorado soft-drink manufacturer called Dixie Elixirs is preparing a line of marijuana-laced sodas for a medical-marijuana market that now includes 14 states. The beverages come in 12-ounce recyclable bottles and are available in seven flavors: lemonade, sweet tea, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, grape, and root beer. What? No cola? But those of you who really like getting whacked will prefer the extra-strength watermelon and spearmint, which come in single-ounce bottles, just about the size of a Jell-O shot.

All sodas are made, the company assures us, with the finest Colorado-grown bud, and the website encourages you to pair a soda with another form of pot. The website also suggests that the carbonation in the sodas will speed your THC absorption, which sounds like a crock. One claim is easily believable: Drinking one of the company’s sodas is a more discrete way of enjoying the drug — especially if the fuzz is around, and you borrowed a soda from a pal. (Although, when it comes to discretion, maybe it would have been wiser of Dixie Elixirs to not put a big marijuana frond on the bottle.)

And you can only imagine the delight of the beverage-company principals if the pending California recreational marijuana law passes …

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