The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Will Throw a Goodbye Party Next Friday


“Ice cream trucks,” Doug Quint once told us, “are meant to go away for the winter.” So on October 31, he’s closing up the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck for the season.

But because the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck wouldn’t be the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck without a big gay party, Quint and co-conspirator Bryan Petroff are throwing a farewell bash on Friday, October 29.

From 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. at Destination Bar on Avenue A, they’ll join forces with the Treats Truck and Souvlaki GR to serve a menu that includes feta fries, the Bea Arthur, oatmeal jammies, and the Destination Bar’s Mountain Dew margaritas. Also available, though technically not on the menu: big, flaming sugar comas. And hopefully Jane Wiedlin’s truck jingle.

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