Wise Chilean Miner Nearly Chooses Hole in Ground Over Facing Wife and Mistress


Poor Yonni Barrios, the miner who loved too much! The man reportedly considered death instead of rescue from the mine after hearing that his wife had found out about his mistress. Apparently, it took three weeks for rescuers to talk him into living.

According to Jeff Roten, a Pennsylvania man who was one of the rescuers,

“When I first arrived, they said 32 men. I couldn’t figure out for the longest time — the news said 33. I finally started talking to people,” Roten said. “There was one man down there, I guess, had a mistress and a wife. And he wanted to stay down in the hole.”

“After about 20 days, the guy finally decided to change his mind and come on out,” Roten said.

How many men have felt a similar urge to “stay down in the hole” in similar circumstances, we wonder, and yet not have been blessed with the good fortune of being confined to a mine during that time period?

Thank goodness Barrios ultimately emerged, because now he might have a $100,000 deal with a cheater’s website, not to mention his alleged second mistress being really mad if he hadn’t. Plus, the other two ladies have had time to cool off! It’s a win-win.



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