Your CMJ 2010 Panels, Cynically Summarized: Day 2 (Wednesday)


It continues. On the second day everyone wakes up a little late, a little hungover, a little cranky at having failed to get into Salem. Shake it off, though, at one of this afternoon’s informative industry panels, which we’ve taken the liberty of crassly summarizing below.

A Camera And Some Balls; How To Shoot Rockstars. If you think you’ve got balls, just wait until we post your photos without asking.

CMJ PLAY Session 1: The State of Play in Music Gaming. Peace to Parappa the Rapper.

Getting Indie Films Funded; A Dying Art-Form? It is if your movie ain’t got no fuckin’ vampires.

Get It Together: Real Life Strategies for Artists and Songwriters. A very special episode of Intervention.

How Can You Not Afford A Music Supervisor? Because we spent all our money on CMJ badges.

How To Start A Movement. Eat at Chevy’s.

Managing Without Borders. Dude, Salem should totally play some shows in North Korea.

Moving Up: The Untapped Potential of the Music App Business. Bored senseless by the band onstage? Just play Scrabble!

Band on the Run: Developing Your Fan-Base in the Mobile Sphere. Consider mass-emailing pictures of your dick.

Curmudgeons of Rock. No Zach Baron, no credibility.

From Crowd Surfing To Crowd Funding. Go ahead, start a Kickstarter page to fund your Oxycontin habit.

International Rational. Vote on which country’s rich musical heritage Beirut rips off next.

The Who, What, Why and Differences of the Performing Rights World. An hour of various lawyers roaming into the crowd and giving you wedgies.

Labels In The Black And How They Are Succeeding. Hosted by Suge Knight and some friends of his.

Mentor Session: New Media. In which the clown who suggested that M.I.A. get her own Twitter account explains himself.

Start Me Up. Hosted by your most lucrative instrument, the lawn mower.

The International Paycheck. Cake Shop bands now to be paid in rubles.

The Zeros and Ones of Music Creation. All zeros in your bank account, all middle fingers in the crowd.

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