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37 Arrested in Public Benefits Bust


The New York State Department of Labor, New York City Department of Investigation, and Manhattan DA’s office say they just busted 37 New Yorkers for stealing more than $300,000 in unemployment and section 8 housing benefits from city and state agencies. Jerks.

According to a press release, 27 of the defendants are charged with stealing unemployment benefits ranging from $2,500 to more than $12,500 from the state’s Department of Labor. The other 10 are charged with “fraudulently obtaining” between $6,924 and more than $30,000 in Section 8 housing benefits from city agencies.

At least three of the section 8 cases charge the wives of public employees (including an NYPD traffic officer and two MTA employees) of intentionally omitting their husbands’ incomes and status as household members, collectively costing the city upwards of $52,000.

The district attorney’s office says it expects to make eight more arrests in the case this week.


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