Checking In On Golden Carriage’s Pork Buns


Yesterday, our Best of New York 2010 came out, and this morning I was wandering around Chinatown when I came across Golden Carriage Bakery, which, in 2008, I picked as having the best pork bun.

These things are always somewhat subjective, based on the day and hour you eat at the restaurant, and the quirks of personal taste. I popped in to see if I agreed with myself two years later.

Golden Carriage was out of steamed pork buns, but still had a supply of the baked versions for $1. That’s 30 cents more than in 2008. The pork isn’t colored with artificial red as some is, and the sweetish, savory mix features big chunks of the meat, lush and tender, but without the gobs of fat that mar some versions. It’s still awfully good. Where do you get your favorite pork bun?

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