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David Bowie’s Sex and Drug Days


They’re vividly recalled in Lick Me, the new memoir by groupie/publicist/performer Cherry Vanilla, a charismatic trailblazer who worked with rocker David Bowie in the ’70s — very closely.

As she related it, “David liked my apartment on 20th Street and he also liked [drug connection] Norman Fisher‘s coke.

“He’d recently acquired an insatiable appetite for it, and I had, of course, hooked him up.”

Well, it was part of her job!

Anyway, kite-high David would open up to Cherry about his kooky thoughts of the moment:

How Lou Reed was the devil; how David was from another planet and was being held prisoner on earth (duh); and all kinds of other stuff about magic and the occult.

Cherry, meanwhile, just did pot, sat back, and enjoyed it — though she’d also have bouts of sex with the dude.

(This job is sounding better and better!)

Once, she remembers, Bowie ran up five flights of stairs to her apartment, “fucked me without ever taking off the coat, and then left immediately to hang out with Mick Jagger.”

But I bet the coat looked fabulous!

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