Lucky Plaza Restaurant: New Cantonese in Chinatown


Lucky Plaza opened up about two months ago in the old Rice Village space on Chrystie Street in Chinatown. Like its predecessor, Lucky Plaza serves a large menu of Cantonese fare, specializing in barbecued meats, noodles, congee, and bo zai fan, the Hong Kong-style dish of rice steamed in a clay pot and topped with your choice of meat.

Today, the place was doing brisk business, and most people were ordering the rice casseroles. When your clay pot arrives, the waiter removes the lid and gingery steam wafts out. Pour on the soy sauce and mix it up as you would bi bim bap — the crusty bits of rice on the bottom are the best part. The house special is shown above, topped with a ground pork patty, salted duck yolk, Chinese sausage, and some other kind of tiny animal that might have been quail or frog.

I loved Lucky Plaza’s slightly oily rice and the big doses of ginger and scallions, but the quality of the meat was a little off — the ground pork unpleasantly gristly and cottony. The sweetish Chinese sausage was tasty, though, as it always is. The bo zai fan is done better at A-Wah, though I’d go back to Lucky Plaza to try their barbecue and rice noodles rolls, both of which looked appetizing.

Lucky Plaza
81 Chrystie Street

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