M. Wells Will Open for Dinner Tonight to Serve a Mushroom Menu


Although there’s still no sign that M. Wells will be opening for dinner any time soon, the restaurant will be extending its hours tonight in order to serve its customers a menu featuring mushrooms harvested from the Gaspé peninusla, Québec, and Central Park. The funghi come courtesy of some friends of Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis, the restaurant’s proprietors, and will be presented as follows:

Mac n’ Foie (Fettuccini a la Lobster Mushroom powder)

Fritters (Central Park Squamosus & Banana Curry Mayonnaise)

Stuffed Morels (Rabbit and Foie Gras Mousse)

Cappuccino (Yellowfoot Chanterelle Soup)

Wild Mushroom Burgers

The restaurant’s regular menu will also be available.

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