Name a NYC Landmark You Miss


I’ll start.

Big Enchilada.

First, the branch on 28th Street shuttered, and I recently noticed that the one on 12th Street has said adios as well, tragically enough.

And yes, it was a landmark. It happened to be the best place in town for cheap Mexican chicken, rice, and beans, all muy fast and tasty.

Also missed like an appendage:

Tavern on the Green (though toward the end, it got really, really bad, maybe to prepare us for its exit)

Woolworth’s (the finest establishment for toiletries, doo-dads, and “art.” Duane Reade tries to achieve its kitsch heights, but can’t come close.)

The Russian Tea Room (yeah, I know it’s still there, but since it’s not on anyone’s radar, it might as well not be.)

And you?

Don’t say the World Trade Towers or I’ll cry and throw up.