Press Clips: Mediaite Loses Foot Soldier Glynnis MacNicol to Business Insider


Dan Abrams’ news operation Mediaite loses a founding staff member. New York Magazine snubs New York Magazine. Alec Baldwin is New York’s hot new media critic — Guest of a Guest? Not so much. — and Emily Smith at Page Six is having some growing pains sans-Richard Johnson, it’d appear. Press Clips, Day 14, Happy Hour Edition, right here:

MacNicol and Dimed!: We’ve just received word that a founding staffer of Dan Abrams’ often-ballyhooed-by-media-critics-news-site-with-that-prescription-sounding-name-Mediaite — Glynnis MacNicol — who arrived there with the core crew of Rachel Sklar, Colby Hall, and Steve Krakauer, (wo)manning it since it launched last July…has now left. Previous to Mediaite, MacNicol was at MediaBistro’s Fishbowl NY and had written for the Huffington Post as well (both former gigs of Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar, it’s worth noting). We’ve emailed Blodget and Hall for comment. Word has it that she’s off to fill the second spot at The Wire with Joe Pompeo at Business Insider. Pompeo — a former managing editor at the New York Observer — has been on his own on the beat at B.I. since Gillian Reagan left to go to Capital New York, and still, killing it. MacNicol’s going to make a solid addition to what they do: fast, furious, prolific writing, and some solid reporting too (with the occasional Blodget-esque rant/slideshow to compliment it all). Rampant speculation: she was probably underpaid and overworked, if her experience at the site reflects that of former Mediaite staffers in any regard. The most important question of the day, however: WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HER POWER GRID RANKING?!?!?!????? Update: Confirmed. Update 2: MacNicol confirms. She’s going to be running The Wire with “the intention of growing it and expanding coverage.”

Alec Baldwin, Media Critic! Media writers of New York, watch your ass. Alec Baldwin is coming after your territory. On AOL’s homepage:

I’m still a loyal AOL user. In spite of the fact that its homepage content is written by the dumbest bastards in the world.

And what do you think of the new Page Six regime change? Have they been closing, always?

“The idea that anyone would throw candy at the Hamptons Film Festival is absurd,” said Baldwin as he headed toward the door. “That was a dead giveaway that they’re wrong. I was not texting during that show. The woman that’s taken over ‘Page Six’ … Emily Smith. She needs to work harder.”

Fearless! Trenchant. Also: not incorrect. Someone ask this guy what he makes of the New York Observer.

Post-Page Six Page Six Crit Comes Early and Often: Brian Moylan at Gawker hits Page Six where it should hurt but doesn’t: in the correction. Yet, he also notes that they basically outed a source. Back to you, Alec.

Guest of a Guest, Media Reporters? Just because you’re a party reporter who gets a lame quote from Tina Brown that’s basically an umbrella stump speech on why The Daily Beast/Newsweek talks fell apart does not mean you have an “Exclusive” nor does that mean you have uncovered “Why” these talks fell apart. What you did get, however, was Time‘s Joe Klein being a spectacular asshole. Actual reasoning behind why these things fell apart can be found not in Brown’s tragic “Pre-nup” metaphor, but, you know, here and here.

NY Mag Snubbed by NY Mag: How great is life at New York Magazine, you ask?

“I know about one fifth of the people here,” said one Vulture editor, looking over the room. Editors from the magazine’s other blogs weren’t invited. Everyone else looked like advertisers and publicists. There were also two Wassersteins.

More from the second-best media party report of the season here.

The Best Media Party Report, Fall 2010: If this doesn’t make you laugh

jann wenner is about 5’5″ or 5’6″ and has a close-cropped and very neat gray beard that he strokes when he speaks sometimes. when he is done talking to the tall woman in garish makeup i go over to him and say “hi i write a blog about music — can i ask you a few questions please?” he seems impatient and says “okay fine” and peers around my shoulder and looks at the table that he was heading back towards before i got to him

i say, “do you read the music website Pitchfork?” and he says “no” and i say “why not” and he says “i don’t have time”

i go, “does pitchfork impact what you do?”

and he says “yeah, it impacts everyone” and i say “how?” Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone Magazine and current media titan, is maybe making a mental list of things he would rather be doing than talking to me right now. in response to my inquiry as to how Pitchfork impacts what Jann Wenner does, he just replies “i don’t know” and looks at me like i should get out of his way.

…either you simply don’t know what’s funny or you want a job working for Jann Wenner way, way, way too much.

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