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Rent Is Too Damn High’s Jimmy McMillan Gets First Endorsement Offer


Here’s another endorsement to add to the list. Because this is how we do things now, in Viral World 2010. Jimmy McMillan, the “Rent Is Too Damn High” guy, has been asked by auction site to be the face of their “Pay Your Rent for Pennies” campaign, winning bidders of which receive one month’s rent (up to $1,500). A number which, unfortunately, proves that the rent is too damn high.

Celeste Katz of The Daily Politics asked BidHere’s PR rep, Sweta Shah, if “years of anti-Semitic comments and attempts to link Jews to the 9/11 attacks plus open admissions of lying to the press about his own rent really makes McMillan the perfect web pitchman.”

What do you think they said?

“Because of the tagline, we just thought it would be a good catchy thing to offer him to do,” Shah told [Katz]. “We are not endorsers of anything he’s been saying. [His slogan] is all that we are playing off of. We are not endorsing his campaign or his other views.”

But assuming that a company would actually believe in anything a person stood for aside from a catchy tagline when said person has 7 pages of remixed videos including spoofs of spoofs, well, that’s just naive, no?

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