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Socialite Daphne Guinness Sued for Flooding Less Important People’s Apartment With Her Bath Water


Oh, rich people problems. Beer-fortune-inheritress and apparent anti-water-conservationist Daphne Guinness, she of the crazy stripey hair and Gaga-esque footwear, is being positively persecuted by her downstairs neighbors at her Fifth Avenue apartment (the former Stanhope) for accidentally causing a flood or four in their apartment. They’ve even asked a judge to bar her from taking any more baths until she can control herself and “learn to bathe responsibly.” Pshaw!

According to the New York Post, Karim and Tina Samii have grown weary after four bath-attributed floodings into their apartment, and have taken the matter to court in a $1 million lawsuit citing “mental anguish” caused by “water leaking from the ceiling of their master bedroom to the floor,” among other horrors. One time, Guinness had just left the bath to run while she talked on the phone.

Now the Samiis eke out their existence moment-to-moment, terrified of when the next strike will come. According to their suit:

“[They] are fearful of leaving their premises unattended, not knowing when Ms. Guinness’ willful misconduct will cause another flood to their premises.”

Of course, Guinness has the $15 million apartment while the Samiis (Karim being merely the founder of hedge fund) got theirs for a lowly $12 million. She probably feels she’s doing them a favor. Like baptism.

Apparently, Guinness spends most of her time in England, where people have far more respect for both baths and heiresses, and could not be reached for comment. Not that a comment would make the Samiis’ tale of woe — nor the secret pain of Guinness’ assistants, who are said to be forced to mop the floor with towels when this occurs — any less tragic.

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