Before Pie Becomes a Trend, It Will Be a Contest at Enid’s This Sunday


Pie tops the list of trends that Nation’s Restaurant News is forecasting for next year, based upon the predictions of a California consultancy group. If that is indeed true, then pie shops may overtake cupcake shops in popularity, meaning that pie is destined to be the next dessert to quash nostalgic love and goodwill with merciless ubiquity.

But before that happens, pie will be celebrated at Enid’s, which is hosting its eighth annual apple pie bake-off this Sunday evening. The first 50 pies submitted between 6 and 7 p.m. will be entered into the contest and be eligible for First, Second, and Third Place, as well as Prettiest Pie and Most Creative. The panel of judges includes Harry Rosenblum of Brooklyn Kitchen and the Meat Hook, SCRATCHbread’s Matthew Tilden, and photographer Michael Harlan Turkell. The contest is free to enter; one assumes the taste of victory will likewise be priceless.

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