Five Reasons You Should Attend Quiet Color’s Destined-To-Be-Bonkers “Anti-CMJ” Loftspace Blowout With Sisters and Special Guests Tonight


1. Last year, the Quiet Color show at the Market Hotel had the two major breakout bands from CMJ 2009 — Surfer Blood and Sleigh Bells.

“We do pride ourselves as being slightly ahead of the curve,” says Quiet Color founder/editor-in-chief Alex Pellerano. “Not to be pretentious about it, but it was also a little bit of luck as well. We knew about Sleigh Bells and Surfer Blood pretty early because we have some ties to Florida.”

2. This is one of the few examples of CMJ counterprogramming explicitly calling itself an “anti-CMJ” show.

“There’re two things that I would say about that,” says Pellerano. “Number one, we just really are all about the DIY scene — and especially, this year’s show — are a lot of bands who frequent DIY venues. The New York indie scene is all about DIY spaces and local bands that tour these DIY venues, so this is kind of a statement that’s like, ‘Hey, CMJ is here, DIY shows and DIY bands never leave.’ Number 2, I’d rather not be pro-CMJ: I love the festival, but I don’t 100 percent agree with their business practices.”

“Plus, the alternative is 1) throw a normal show and not mention anything. Or, Be a CMJ official show, and that is something that I have zero interest in. I would just have no interest in throwing a show that was officially a CMJ showcase. Rather than just have normal show, might as well throw a concert of the season, since it’s kind of a musical holiday of the season.”

3. This is the final blow-out for the Williamsburg North Sixth loft space, Kisses. (Kisses is also the name of a band playing this year’s CMJ, but not this show.)

“Kisses is awesome. I’ve lived in this space for almost two years and we’ve thrown five concerts there,” says Pellerano who recently moved out. “It’s two floors on North Sixth street, right next to the American Apparel. We call it Kisses because it’s above the bar that used to be called Hugs [now the Cove] — and we actually have the Hugs sign in our living room, which will be lit up during the show.”

4. It costs three dollars — and there’re two special guests.

“One is booked for sure. The other, we happen to have some relatively famous neighbors. Literally, our next-door neighbors in this loft space — they have a big show that night, but I think we’ve done a good job of convincing them to come by after their set and rock out a few songs in the wee hours of the evening.”

Bonus: Take it away, Alex…

“There’re six bedrooms in this place, but there’s about 1500 feet of square footage that we really just utilize very well. We put the bands up on the balcony, and we can pack 150-200 people in there. When you have the speakers right in your face, and the crowd packs in, people start to sweat, and we jam booty music in between bands. It ends up being one of those debacherous Brooklyn nights that you stumbled into a party and you’re like, ‘How did I get here?'”

Quiet Color Presents
Anti-CMJ @ Kisses Loft

FRIDAY – 10/22

Doors @ 9 PM — Bands @ 10

$3 cover

Dinosaur Feathers

Kisses Loft – 108 N. 6th St
2 blocks from Bedford L


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