Freddy’s Is Reopening in the South Slope


When Freddy’s Bar & Backroom was unceremoniously evicted from its home almost half a year ago, manager Donald O’Finn promised that the bar would reopen on Fourth Avenue and Union Street. O’Finn stayed true to his promise, but not the location: Freddy’s will indeed reopen, but at 627 Fifth Avenue, near 17th Street in the South Slope.

Eater received a press release announcing the news. It seems that the bar’s owner has quit the place, which will now be run by O’Finn and two of the bar’s former bartenders. But while they may have signed a lease (the space was previously occupied by Ellis Bar), the new owners’ struggles aren’t over: They’ll now face the community board and the Department of Buildings.

The block of Fifth Avenue that Freddy’s plans to call home is a relatively quiet one, though, thanks to Little Buddy Biscuit Company, it’s a magnet for ice cream sandwich enthusiasts. Freddy’s owners have promised to bring back their “popular videos, art exhibitions, live music and a few surprises” — would it be too much to hope that one of them is a new ice cream-beer float?

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