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Full-Body Scanners Now At JFK Airport | Village Voice


Full-Body Scanners Now At JFK Airport


Just what New Yorkers need: Another thing to complain about. In recent weeks we’ve had MTA assholes, stinkbugs, gnomes with Tumblrs, and now? Attention, New Yorkers: Full-body scanners have now been placed in the American Airlines terminal of JFK airport.

Enforced with more powerful X-ray technology than prior machines, the new scanners give screeners clearer images of objects beneath the clothing. And while airport officials describe the images as “non-explicit,” we’re not so sure after seeing the pictures:

Note that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declined to be scanned herself. Which apparently you can’t actually do if you want to get on a flight.

I had my own run-in with these machines at Indianapolis International Airport a few weeks ago. A short conversation with the scanner who was conducting the procedure went something like this:

Me: So… can you really see me naked on this thing?

Scanner: Well… I mean… yeah.

While authorities say the images are secured by a select screener in a room outside the terminal, having nearly naked photos in any kind of circulation, regardless, somehow still seems like sending a raunchy, self-taken photo into the text abyss. Let’s hope that the scanners actually do the job. Otherwise that’s just gratuitous.


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