George W. Bush vs. YouTube and Oprah


Two weeks after releasing a promotional video on Youtube for his upcoming autobiography, Decision Points, George W. Bush has spoken out against the esteemed website. According to WBEZ radio, the former president explained to the crowd of representatives from the Commercial Financial Association that the tight security restrictions were due to the fact that he “has zero desire to be on YouTube.”

Joining the likes of Snooki and James Franco, most of Bush’s speech was spent advocating Decision Points, a book he describes as:

“A reflection of what I got right and what I got wrong, and what I would do differently if I had the chance… Decision Points is the story of this eventful period as I saw it.”

The rest of his discussion included points from his presidency, his supposed inadequacies and achievements. Failing to mention Iraq, Bush held strong to his steadfast opinion that the troops should stay in Afghanistan, yet he admitted his mistake of not passing Social Security reform.

When prompted to discuss the extreme security precautions– no audio and video recordings were allowed, nor were questions taken from the media– Bush likened the reasoning to his distaste for YouTube. Or, rather, public humiliation. Which is a shame, considering Youtube’s love for George Bush:

1. Like the time he asked a victim of Stargardt’s disease to take off his sunglasses.

2. Or the time an Iraqi reporter chucked a sweaty shoe at his face.

3. And that time he did the “one-finger victory salute“.

4. Or that time he tried his best to define sovereignty.

5. Or better yet when Will Ferrell did a better George Bush than George Bush.

A safer place for Bush? As the New York Times’ Brian Stelter reports, Oprah, of course:

The interview will be shown on Nov. 9, the day that his book, “Decision Points,” is published by Crown Publishers. Mr. Bush’s first sit-down TV talk will be with Matt Lauer, of the “Today” show, and will be shown Nov. 8 in prime time on NBC.
Ms. Winfrey’s interview is notable in part because she showed her Democratic leanings by being an avid supporter of President Obama during the campaign in 2008.

who will likely not “James Frey his ass,” much to the disappointment of around half-if-not-more of this country.


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