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Media Moves: Doree Shafrir to Rolling Stone | Village Voice


Media Moves: Doree Shafrir to Rolling Stone


Doree Shafrir — who was responsible for, among other things, being one-half of the author of the blog-to-book phenomenon that was Postcards from Yo Momma and being responsible for the “Hipster Grifter” story during her tenure at the New York Observer in addition to being among the few to survive two separate tenures at — has taken a gig with Rolling Stone as’s senior editor, she just announced on her Tumblr.

Former New York magazine senior web editor Nick Catucci was announced as the website’s first editor-in-chief earlier this year. Looks like Jann Wenner’s bringing in some longtime NYC media vets to run the ship; nobody would argue that either are anything but new media-savvy hires. After suffering so long under the oppression of a classically RealPlayer-imprisoned website, it’s nice to see an old brand reemerging with some moxie, no?

For those counting, in 72 hours, three fun media jumps, surely among others: Shafrir going to Rolling Stone, Joe Pompeo going to Yahoo, and Glynnis MacNicol going to Business Insider? One word:



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